Trying to Quit? Walk to the Store

A recent study analysis showed that people who walked a third of a mile or further to buy cigarettes were more likely to quit smoking successfully. One study involved 15,218 smokers and former smokers and the other involved 5,511. The research was conducted in Finland.

According to researchers, each one-third mile increase in distance the smoker had to walk to purchase his or her cigarettes was associated with a 20 to 60 percent increase in the likelihood that he or she would be able to quit. Interestingly, people who had to walk farther to get cigarettes were not any less likely to relapse once they had quit than those who walked shorter distances.

This analysis has certain limitations—Finland’s strict anti-smoking policies, being one. According to some experts, the studies prove that small, local stores that sell tobacco products promote smoking and pose a risk to communities.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: ScienceDaily, Does longer walking distance to buy cigarettes increase quitting among smokers?