Tummy Tucks Have More Complications

Compared to other types of plastic surgeries, a tummy tuck procedure may put you at greater risk, suggests a new study from Vanderbilt University.

According to the research, people who undergo tummy tucks, known as abdominoplasty, face a higher rate of major complications than those who have other cosmetic plastic-surgery procedures.

Researchers looked at about 25,000 people who had tummy tucks between 2008 and 2013. The study showed that 4 percent of the people suffered major complications after the procedure. That’s well above the average rate of 1.4 percent for other cosmetic surgery procedures.

The complications seen in patients included infections, blood clots, lung problems and blood pooling outside of blood vessels.

The higher complication rate may be related to many different factors. Researchers noted that patients who underwent tummy tucks are more likely to be overweight, have diabetes or undergo combined procedures which may predispose them to higher rates of complications.

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[Sourced from: LiveScience, Tummy Tucks May Be Riskier Than Other Plastic Surgeries](Tummy Tucks May Be Riskier Than Other Plastic Surgeries)