Twitching Is What I Call It!


Asked by Jazzy74

Twitching Is What I Call It!

3 weeks ago I started what I would call twitching. The best way to describe it is similar to when you are going to sleep and start dreaming that you stepped and fell down or are falling for no reason. I jump; I asked my husband if he notices it and he doesn't, so I think it is minor but every time it happens it scares me. I don't know if it may be a side effect from the anti-anxiety pills I started taking or if this is MS and just something I will have to live with. It is almost like a shock to my system each time it happens. It could be my hip, leg, foot, arm, or finger. It doesn't seem to happen in just one location. I would say I notice it more while I am lying down or going to sleep. Is this an MS symptom? Does any one else out there experience something similar? I am seeing my Neurologist tomorrow and plan to ask.


Hi Jazzy74,

I know it has been a long time since you posted your question, but I was wondering if you have an update you would like to share? Others have asked similar questions.

As you probably discovered, twitching muscles can be a side effect of medications, a sign of stress, an indicator of MS or Fibromyalgia, or any number of things. Only a doctor can make the official diagnosis.

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