Can I Take Two Nexium (20 Mg) A Day Until Symptoms Subside


Asked by Carol Blackstone

Can I Take Two Nexium (20 Mg) A Day Until Symptoms Subside


Often times doctors will prescribe dosages higher than the usually listed amounts. This is often done for short periods of time. This is considered off label dosing and is done with anecdotal evidence (meaning there are no scientific studies done to prove the efficacy or safety of doing so but the doctor's experience tells him it's okay). Much of the pediatric dosing is done this way simply because there are few parents who will submit their kids to studies on medications.

The key though is that you really need to ask your doctor about this and find out what she suggests. There are some potential side effects with long term usage of PPIs including bone loss and dependency that need to be considered. Your doctor also needs to look at the total picture you present with and decide what the best course is for you. If you aren't getting relief from the Nexium then maybe alternative diagnoses need to be considered or possibly you may need to add a H2 blocker or anti-acids rather than doubling up on the Nexium.


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