A Type Of Skin Blister On My Breast


Asked by carol

A Type Of Skin Blister On My Breast

I had an area of what looked like a fungus show up on the left side of my left breast on the skin. no lumps,no pain. It has gotten red and swollen like a burn and looks blistered. I put honey and vit. E on it, kept it covered, It almost went away and now is coming back. getting larger around and is on the brown area around my nipple. I have noticed it is filling up with fluid again. Can anyone tell me what it might be. I have no insurance but medicare and very limited income. I'm 67



This article about rashes common in the breast area may give you some ideas about possible causes for your rash. However, rashes are very hard to diagnose even in person, so I couldn't begin to guess what would help your rash. Since your home remedies gave only temporary relief and since the problem is worse now, you do need to see a doctor. It may turn out to cost less to get this treated promptly than letting it go until you get an infection or other difficult to treat complication. See if there is a free clinic in your community that can help you.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson