U.S. Adults Say They're Getting Better Healthcare

A recently published large study in JAMA shows that Americans are reporting better health and better healthcare, after health insurance has become more accessible under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Participating in the study were 500,000 who reported improvements in insurance coverage, access to primary care and prescription medicine, affordable healthcare and overall health since late 2013. The data was collected from the 2012-2015 national telephone survey, Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, to determine trends before and after the ACA. More data showed:

  • Around 15.8 million adults obtained coverage under the law
  • 7 million adults obtained a personal physician
  • 4.8 million more adults have been able to afford medicine
  • 11 million more adults say healthcare is affordable
  • 6.8 million more people consider themselves to be in excellent or very good health
  • Largest improvements were among racial and ethnic minorities

Further, when it came to Medicaid expansion under the law, they found fewer adults were uninsured and without doctors, and fewer people reported difficulty when it came to obtaining medicine.

Researchers added that it was not clear the law directly improved health and healthcare access, stating other factors such as a stronger economy and falling unemployment may have also played a role. Additionally, there are increasing worries now about how American healthcare will accommodate the increasing demand for healthcare and doctors.

Sourced from: Reuters, Americans report improved health, better healthcare: study