Ultrasound Came Back With A Birads Category 5..how Accurate Is The Birads Scores????


Asked by nobleone

Ultrasound Came Back With A Birads Category 5..how Accurate Is The Birads Scores????

Hi..I been reading your questions/answers section and I realize your are not a doctor but this waiting is eating me alive. My questions is this... had a yearly mammogram which did come back abnormal. My GYN sent me for an ultrasound which the results reads...Right Breast Ultrasonogram..The ultrasound is abnormal. There is an irregular area of shadowing representing a significant mass lesion which corresresponse to the abnormal mammogram. The apprearance is highly suspicous for carcinoma.Impression: Ultrasound suspicious for carcinoma.Assessment: BIRADS Category 5- highly suggestive of malignancy. I am 47 year old and what I have read...the BIRADS scores are fairly accurate.. I am going for a Ultrasound guided biopsy in 2 days but will not know the results for almost a week. This waiting is awful.. Just wondering if I can be safe to say I have breast cancer?


Hi - You can't be diagnosed with cancer till the results of the biopsy come back from the pathology lab. So no, you shouldn't just go ahead and say you have cancer - especially since about 85% of biopsies are negative. Waiting is a challenge, for sure. And if you're a planful-type person, you might want to consider the possibility that you have cancer. But please understand that cancer simply isn't the death sentence it once was. The great majority of us with breast cancer survive it and live long lives. You go through treatment - and you get on with your life. It's certainly a new turn in the path - but the path is still there. Good luck, and I hope things turn out well for you. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel