Ultrasound After Mammogram, Sore Lymph Nodes.


Asked by bbwolfey

Ultrasound After Mammogram, Sore Lymph Nodes.

Hi, I just turned 40, had a Hysterectomy two months ago, left ovaries intact. Patholgy results were ok. A few weeks ago I noticed that my areas around my armpit and part of my left breast were sore. Had a mammogram last weds, my OBGYN called me on Friday to set up an Ultrasound for the Left breast. I have no history of Breast Cancer in my family, but cancer in abundance on both sides. Should I be worried. I'm nerevous because my health insurance runs out Oct.1, 09.


Hi - Luckily, your family history of cancer will have no bearing on your risk for breast cancer, since only a moshter or sister (or daughter) with breast cancer increases yoru risk. Sounds like you could have a painful cyst or fibroadenoma - thus your doctor ordering an ultrasound, which would at least identify a cyst. In general, breast cancer doesn't make your breast/armpit sore or painful; so take heart. Hopefully you can get this taken care of, whatever it is, before Oct. 1. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel