Uncontrollable Stomach Cramping And Pains


Asked by Aprough

Uncontrollable Stomach Cramping And Pains

For almost a year now I have been having horrible stomach pains. To the point where I cannot move or hardly stand up when they hit me. They come and go so randomly and sometimes the pain will last for 4 hours and sometimes for 4 days.

The last "episode" it felt like I was trying to digest broken pieces of glass. I basically have to stop eating for a day or more to make the pain go away. After the pain is gone, I'm afraid to eat again because i'm afraid of the pain.

I have had an ultra sound of my abdomen and it was all clear, I have had blood tests to test my liver and kidney and that was clear also. My doctor just tossed me aside and called it Gastritis...but even when I avoid foods that will affect gastritis the pain will still hit me! I can't keep living like this.

Now, everytime i feel a bowl movement coming my stomach cramps up just as bad.

Also, if I am STARVING hungry, The pain hits again!Thank you for any help or suggestions!

One more thing:: Last summer, i went on a camping trip and got extremely sick from dirty water or some type of food poisoning. After a long trip to the hospital, that Is when i started noticing all of these stomach issues really start to effect me.


Hi Aprough,

Your last comment seems the most significant to me. If I were you I would insist that your doctor order a good quality stool test to check for e-coli, and other parasites that could be causing your issue. Dirty water when camping is a huge problem and you could have giardia, chryptosporidium, etc. from the animal feces that are throughout creeks, streams, lakes, etc.

If the stool tests come back negative for anything then I think you have to look at your diet. See my post on Elimination diets - http://www.healthcentral.com/ibd/c/2623/92582/elimination-diet - and how to keep a food journal - http://www.healthcentral.com/ibd/c/2623/95394/keeping-food-journal

You could also ask your doctor for a prescription for Bentyl (generic name: dicyclomine) which can help to calm down ab. cramps.

Sometimes there aren't any easy-so-find reasons for these gut issues. It can take trial-and-error on your part and a lot of time and patience to figure out the problem and then as much time and patience to figure out how to ease the symptoms.

If your current doctor isn't taking you seriously, then it sounds like it's time to find another one who will.

Best of luck,


Answered by Elizabeth Roberts