Understanding Hypomania: Energies Bop, Inhibitions Drop, Ideas Pop

Patient Expert

Hypomania is the least understood aspect of bipolar disorder. Too often, clinicians and patients alike mistake hypomania as a form of euphoric 'mania lite' that foreshadows severe mania. In fact hypomania may be a lot more benign, or even a lot more dangerous.

In this important series, expert patient John McManamy draws upon his own extensive research and conversations with leading clinicians and researchers to shed important new light on what you need to know about hypomania. This includes recognizing the true nature of hypomania, as well as making critical distinctions between the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most important, John McManamy looks at what we can do to effectively manage this phase of our illness, from establishing a constructive dialogue with the people who treat us to employing a range of coping and cognitive skills to nip potential bad episodes in the bud.

Deceptive Hypomania: Energies Bop, Inhibitions Drop, Ideas Pop

How To Deal With Someone With Hypomania