I Have a very Itchy, hard, Bumpy rash all over my body! Why?


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Unexplained Very Itchy Hard Bumpy Rash All Over Body Phenomenon... Please Help!!!

Out of the blue some reddish bumps showed up on the nape of my neck one morning when I woke up, at first it was mild itching with tiny pink bumps...shortly after the itch got worse and worse... ESPECIALLY when I scratch the area (the cluster becomes very warm too). Then similar cluster appeared on my left upper arm--along with the same type of rough reddish bumps. My right upper arm is not affected (at least not yet).

A couple of hours later the itchy bumps appears on my upper back with pink reddish rough hard bumps all over... then later the itch on the upper back and nape of my neck stop eventhough the bumps remains. Shortly afterwards, the itch migrate to another place, a small 4 inches patch of reddish itchy bumps appeared on my right chest area right above the armpit. Hours later the same exact thing happened to my thigh and lower back area. That same night new reddish clusters with reddish bumps appeared on my inner tighs and buttock area, both are inflamed and extremely itchy.

The itchy bumps are random in shapes (no puss, no water content, no blister), each bump is hard and it does not contain any liquid... and NO- the bumps don't have uniformed patterns like "chicken skin" (or Keratosis Pilaris). I don't think this crazy rash is "Pityriasis Rosea" either because the rash didn't start with a single, round or oval, pink patch that is scaly with a raised border (herald patch) and the rash shows up in random shape and form, nothing like a "Christmas tree". This whole ordeal is extremely disturbing and traumatic because my skin had always been flawless until NOW! I've never even had any pimples my whole life!

I consider myself a pretty healthy female; I never smoke, I have zero soda intake, no alcohol, no drugs... although I admit I've been living an unhealthy lifestyle (not enough bottled-water, sleep deprived, sometimes no food/water for days in a row)

*My dietary intake is usually random: raw kale, cabbage, brocolli, raw beets, avocado, cilantro, garlic, onions, tomato, parsley, eggs, tea with Splenda only (lots of Splenda but no regular refined sugar), plain non-fat yoghurt, very rarely eat meat, very rarely eat fruits (due to its sugar content).

This crazy rash is now spreading all over my body in different sizes, small medium and large. The bumps seem to raise in size only when I scratch certain itchy area (*It's so itchy there's no way to handle it without scratching so the bumps instantly resize on and off whenever the itching sensation return/migrate to certain area)

The other reddish bumps remain highly visible eventhough the itching sensation in those area keeps migrating all over the place. IT'S EXCRUCIATING!!!

I have never had any allergic history or reaction to anything before. I had been exposed to heavy tanning in the past (both indoor and outdoor) but that was several years ago, and none of that recently.

*Lifestyle changes: I do not have any lifestyle changes recently. No changes in laundry detergent - clothes -fabric - soaps - shampoo or anything like that. No bug bites (at least not that I know of).

*Medications: I don't like taking medications. I have never been prescribed long-term meds/even the smallest dose of antidepression in my entire life. (I do get depressed from time to time during PMS cycle but nothing too severe, I'm also used to live in high stress and high anxiety environment)

*Personal hygiene: I always take a shower at least TWICE a day (it's a habit since childhood). Bathroom is always highly disinfected with Clorox and such. I do not wear latex product, pantyhose, tight clothes...and I hardly ever sweat.

To combat the extreme itching sensation I am currently using topical analgesic ("clear formula itch relief" similar to Caladryl). The result is helpful a little but it only provides "temporary relief" (1/2 hour max) -- in certain area the cluster becomes light pink and flatten a little when the itching sensation migrate to other places in my body such as around the nape of my neck and my upper back the clusters remain bumpy when less itchy. I'm also taking some ANTIHISTAMINE, but it does not seem to help at all.

I cut all my finger-nails EXTRA short from day one to prevent skin ruptures, bleeding and/or scaring during scratching. Whenever I scratch the itchy area I always make sure to "massage" the area in circular motion only, most of the times I "scratch" the area using my knuckles-- but somehow in "some" area the cluster pattern showed up in strange shapes like thick criss-cross "lines" with tiny raised bumps precisely lining up on each individual line!) -- in other area such as on my upper arm (the outer part of my left bicep) the tiny reddish bumps look like some thick diaper rash with scattered bumps with no "lines".

TODAY, there is a new itchy reddish cluster with tiny bumps in the middle of my mid-back section, my left and right under armpit area, AND a small cluster on my forehead! I am really terrified if it spread all over my face!!! Just like the first clusters on the nape of my neck, upper back, and upper-arm... these recent raised itchy bumps also just showed up before I "scratch" them and the more I scratch the area becomes more and more itchy. Then, just like others the bumps flatten a little when the itching sensation temporary subsides and raised again when the area starts to get very itchy again within hours. The crazy itchy sensation migrates all over while leaving the red bumps everywhere.

I am so sorry to rant and ramble on and on about my rash... they don't have blisters or puss or anything like that... but the reddish patches are traumatic and the itchy sensation is INSANELY EXCRUCIATING! ...I really don't know what to do with this... I read online, people with similar symptoms like mine also have been extremely frustrated with this unexplained phenomenon... almost all of them got misdiagnosed by Dermatologists.

I've been researching online and found a bunch of articles, but none is really "dead on" accurate with the symptoms that I am experiencing: Polymorphous light eruption? ... Keratosis Pilaris? ... Urticaria? ... Systemic Lupus? ... Celiac Disease?

Doctors don't really know what this is, and have been blaming these symptoms on "stress". Medical centers would instantly prescribe temporary relief with steroid injection -- which I am really trying to avoid.

I do not have any sudden weight-loss or loss of appetite. But I noticed excessive hair-loss and I'm getting so weak now-- very dizzy when I stand up on my feet for 15-30mins, probably due to extreme exhaustion from scratching and taking multiple showers (since showers seems to temporary calm the itch down a little).

PLEASE HELP ME... I don't know what I have and I am going crazy!!! ...Any insights and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.


Hello All... This is an interesting discussion you all have been having about your rashes. I am one of the expert writers here. Unfortunately, there isn't any way to share photos here on HealthCentral in these Questions/Answers. I'm not sure of the value of that, anyway, because we are not physicians here and really it should be a physician who examines YOU who is providing a diagnosis of any disease or condition.

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