Unhealthy eating can make a bad mood worse

If you aren't feeling good about yourself, don't reach for a pint of ice cream.  It could make you feel even worse.

In a study from Penn State University, college-aged women were asked questions about diet and self-image.  Study participants then had a bout of "disordered" eating, and their mood generally worsened after the binge-eating.  The study found little change in mood right before the unhealthy eating, but their negative feelings rose immediately afterwards.

The researchers gave 131 handheld computers to women who had high levels of unhealthy eating habits and concerns about body weight and shape, but did not have eating disorders.  The women were prompted several times a day with questions about mood and eating behavior.  After analyzing the data, the researchers determined that unhealthy eating was a factor in plummeting moods.

The scientists feel the findings are useful because the study focused on women who hadn't been diagnosed with eating disorders.  They hope that more research can help more women avoid developing eating disorders.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Unhealthy Eating Can Make a Bad Mood Worse