University Returns $1 Million Coca-Cola Grant

The University of Colorado School of Medicine has decided to return a $1 million grant from Coca-Cola after it learned that the money was used to establish an advocacy group that played down the link between soft drinks and obesity.

The money was donated in 2014 and used to help establish the Global Energy Balance Network, a nonprofit group of scientists who urged people to focus more on exercise and worry less about what they eat and drink. Coke has since revealed that it had spent almost $120 million since 2010 to pay for academic health research and for partnerships with major medical and community groups involved in curbing the obesity epidemic.

According to critics of the group, it focused on promoting the idea that obesity is primarily caused by a lack of exercise, not by overconsumption of junk food.

In a statement about the returned money, Coke said it would be donating it to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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Sourced from: The New York Times, University Returns $1 Million Grant to Coca-Cola