Up to 3 migraines in one day on meds. What can I do?

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I can have up to 3 migraines in one day and I'm on medication. what more can i do?

I cant really classify my migraines. Usually my fingers and toes get numb of tingley before I get one but not all the time. I am sensitive to light and sound all the time. I went from having no migraines for a whole six months to having a few a week to having a few a day. I am on a few medications just for the migraines and it get frustrating having to take them twice a day every day. Then I have other medicine I carry with me the I take when I need it. Migraines are not something I would wish upon anyone. I tell people I have never had a headache And its true. I would love to just have a normal headache and not these live ruining Migraines. gab10783.


Dear gab;

You shouldn't have to classify your Migraines. Your doctor should classify them and give you a specific diagnosis.

It's unusual to have more than one Migraine in a day. Are you meaning up to three separate Migraines, or is it that one comes back a few hours after you've taken medication?

It's time to sit down and discuss this with your doctor. Your daily meds aren't working to prevent Migraines, so it's time for a change. If your doctor doesn't know what more to do, then it's time for a Migraine specialist. There's a link below to our directory of patient recommended specialists.

Without knowing what medications you're taking and more about your Migraines, it's difficult to suggest specifics to discuss with your doctor. Still, keep in mind that there are over 100 medications in use for Migraine prevention, so you have many, many options.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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