Upper Back Pain Caused By Gas?


Asked by Richspirit

Upper Back Pain Caused By Gas?

For the past day or two I've had pain that wakes me up when I'm sleeping. The pain is on the right side of my back near the shoulder blades. It's difficult to breathe when it hits, painful to lay down, too, but it isn't there all the time. The discomfort comes and goes. I've been constipated, so I'm wondering if it could be a gas pain? I am planning to see a doctor, but in the meantime if you could help I'd appreciate it.


You are doing what I normally do when something is up, which is trying a little bit of everything. It is very possible that what you are describing is gas, particularly since it comes and goes. I often have similar symptoms when constipated and generally get relief by taking simethicone (Gas-X) and a laxative to help with the constipation. But, you are very right to get it checked as well. While cardiac pain tends to go to the left, not the right, it is also possible that the pain could be felt in that to that area from something else, so it's always a good idea to get it checked.

Gallbladder pain can also cause upper-back pain, though often in that case the pain is prolonged and causes nausea.

While you wait to see a doctor, see if the tips in this article on easing gas pain helps.

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