I Have Upper Left Abdominal Pressure


Asked by road_runner

I Have Upper Left Abdominal Pressure

Its been happening for a while. I am a healthy 19 male, walks all the time, eats salads, etc. I have pressure in my upper left abdominal area near and under the ribs. I have not been able to associate it with any particular activities of mine. I also get chest pains when it happens, and i stress about it, which either causes chest pain or the other way around. I feel a bit gaseous but to no avail.


Pain in this area can be related to the chest or the abdomen. Key questions include whether the pain is reproducible when you touch the area, whether it occurs with exercise, if you get shortness of breath with the pain, and if the pain is related to eating certain foods. Keeping a journal of when you have the pain and what you were doing at the time it begins might help pinpoint activities you haven't noted.

Some of the more common causes of left upper abdomen pain in someone your age include stomach problems (gastritis, heartburn, ulcers), and costochondritis (inflammation at the point where the ribs meet the cartilage that connects them to the breastbone—reproducible when you touch the area). You should discuss this pain with your physician, who can perform a thorough physical exam and may want to get an x-ray and some laboratory tests to determine the cause.