Upper Right Rib Cage Pain - Early Morning Onset


Asked by Jina

Upper Right Rib Cage Pain - Early Morning Onset

I have read through many of the similar questions in this forum and in other forums to but I have had no luck in finding a solution. I am a 25-year-old female and have, for the past eight or so years, been experiencing a sharp pain. The pain is not easy to pinpoint, but it is mostly on the upper side of my right rib cage. The pain is agonizing and often wakes me from my sleep. Sometimes pressure and heat help ease it, but I can't prevent it because it only happens during the night. Sometimes it persists and only goes away mid-day or so and other times when I fall back asleep and then get out of bed I am fine.

I have been to the doctor and he can't seem to find the problem. I have had urine and blood tests and also went for x-rays and an ultrasound and everything was fine. If everything was fine then why am I still experiencing pain? Its frustrating and quite frankly worrying as I am not sure what the result of this will be in my future. If anyone has some advice that you have not given already on other forums (as I have already read them), please feel free to share. Thanks!


I guess you've been checked for costochondritis - inflammation of the costal cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum. Costochondritis can be painful and, since its an inflammatory condition can be relieved by anti-inflammatories. Costochondritis can be caused by several autoimmune conditions or infection but is usually idiopathic; that is doctors are not sure why it's occuring.

I did see a case of a fibromyalgia patient with this for whom it only occurred at night as well.

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