Upper Thigh Pain


Asked by Mary Anne

Upper Thigh Pain

I have had pain in my upper left thigh on and off for 3 years now, but it's getting to be more regular now. I sometimes go all day without pain, then some days it hurts a good part of the day. Sometimes it is with activity, but sometimes it hurts more when I am sitting or laying in bed at night. It is a sore, tightening feeling. I don't feel any lumps, no redness, no swelling. The only "injury" could have been over 3 years ago when I had surgery on my right achilles tendon and I did some hopping on my left foot-I used a wheel chair, but did hop some.


Hi Mary Anne,

It sounds like it's time to see a doctor about this. Anything that is getting worse after 3 years of pain should be checked out thoroughly by your physician. It may be a lower back problem or hip problem, since they can cause pain in the upper thigh. If you're wearing flip flop sandals that might be contributing to the pain as well (it sounds odd, I know, but I speak from experience!)

While you're waiting to see your doctor, you might try some simple stretches or a yoga practice to help ease the pain.

Good luck!