Do Ureter Stents Stop Periods?


Asked by angelas

Do Ureter Stents Stop Periods?

Can having a stent in your ureter stop your periods or delay them? I got a kidney stone around the time I should have gotten period. I was spotting but they said it could have been from the stone. I got a stent put in and have not started my cycle yet, unless the spotting was my period which there really is no way to tell. Could getting the stent make my period delay or stop all together?


Hi Angelas,

Keep in mind that I am not a physician, so my answer only comes from research on the internet. I read that blood in the urine and leaking urine can be a side effect from the stent. Obviously, I don't know if that's where your spotting came from, but regardless, it's advisable to see a gynecologist anytime you have a change in the frequency of your periods.

I could not find any indication that the stent would cause issues with your cycle, but that does not definitively answer your question. would be best to call your doctor.


Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

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