Urine test developed for kidney disease, prostate cancer

Sometimes it can be hard to detect kidney disease or prostate cancer until much later in their development. But scientists from Brigham Young University say they have developed a new type of urinary analysis test that can detect these diseases on the spot.

This new device is a tube lined with DNA sequences that attach to these disease markers, which allows a doctor to detect kidney disease and prostate cancer in urine. The results appear in only a few minutes--once urine is placed into the device, its flow would reflect if the person has one of the conditions. Healthy urine will flow through the tube freely. Samples with the disease markers, howver, will clog the tube.

This test could be a huge improvement from current procedure because it does not require blood samples, it has quicker results and potentially higher accuracy.

According to a report published  in Analytical Methods, the device has so far been tested on synthetic urine. The next step is human trials.

This diagnostic tool could be adapted to to detect other illnesses in the future.

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Sourced from: sciencedaily.com, Prostate cancer, kidney disease detected in urine samples on the spot