Can I Use baby oil with Cocoa Butter and shea as Lubricant?


Asked by Chelle.Smith520

Can I Use Baby Oil That Contains Cocoa Butter And Shea As A Personal Lubricant?

is it safe for my husband and I to use baby oil that contains cocoa butter and shea as a personal lubricant during sex? He is allergic to the commercial lubs i.e. KY Jelly


Hi there

This is a really interesting question and in researching it I am getting a lot of mixed answers for you.

On the Yahoo answer site people are saying not to use cocoa butter as a lubricant.

On this sexuality site they discuss various choices of lubricants including cocoa butter:

"You can try Replens, which is made specifically for that purpose. It's excellent as well as other lubricating products, such as Astroglide, Probe, Gyne-Moistrin and the old standby, K-Y Jelly. Condoms pretreated with Nonoxynol-9 will also add some slippery enhancement. There's also cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other fruit or vegetable oils such as almond oil and apricot oil also make nice natural lubricants."

I am seeing some ads for lubricants using shea and cocoa butter being marketed.

And finally on this yahoo question someone asks about using baby oil as a lubricant and there are a variety of answers.

I guess i would be more worried about you than him in this instance if this will irritate you. You could ask a dermatologist.

Hope this helps some. Thank you for your question.

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