How Can I Use My Computer Without Triggering A Migraine?


Asked by Sue

How Can I Use My Computer Without Triggering A Migraine?

The computer screen is a trigger for my migraines. Does anyone know a way to avoid this without giving up my computer? I have a laptop and have tried to change angles and distance to no avail. I do not get migraines from TV. And the duration of time I can spend on the computer gets shorter and shorter before the migraine occurs. Do the anti-glare screens help?



The first thing is to figure out what it is about using your laptop that's triggering Migraines. Yes, it could be the brightness, and adjusting brightness and background colors are good places to start. A glare screen is also a good thought.

Something else to take a look at is your posture when using your laptop. Are you sitting at a desk or table with it? Are you sitting up straight? Bad posture while using the computer could certainly bring on a headache that could quickly trigger a Migraine.

You should also mention this to your doctor to see if he or she has any tips.

Please let us know how you work this out?

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Answered by Teri Robert