My Neurontin Prescription Expired in 2009. Is it OK to Take?


Asked by skeetelmore65

Can I Still Use My Prescription Of Neurontin If The Expiration Date Is In 09?

I have a prescription for Neurontin that expired last year, but I also have a year-old prescription that I'd rather not have to throw away if I don't need to waste it. Is it okay to take it?


Most prescriptions are still potent long past their expiration date - which is typically 2 to 3 years. It may be somewhat less potent or it could just as potent as ever. The expiration date does not indicate that a drug is no longer good - it simply indicates a date at which a drug manufacturer guarantees that it is good.

For future reference, one of the best ways to get a fast answer to a question like this is to ask your pharmacist. It's also possible to store many medications in the freezer, which can help them last longer, particularly if you don't have to take them all the time. For more information on how to store your meds check out this article:

Storing your medications correctly

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