Hi I Use Xanax For Anxiety And Hydrocodone 10/325 For Chronic Migranes.


Asked by denisel1970

Hi I Use Xanax For Anxiety And Hydrocodone 10/325 For Chronic Migranes.

I use xanax for anxiety and hydrocodone 10/325 for chronic migranes. I have tried every migrane medication out there and these are the only things that work. I experience 3-4 a week. My question is this. I cannot find out any information on what actually causes migranes. Since I have no insurance at this time, I am unable to go and set scans done. Does anyone know what causes them? Next, because of all the prescription drug abuse around the country, my doctor is feeling apprehensive about perscribling them. I am not an abuser, only take them when I need them. Can anyone tell me a doctor who will perscribe these medications around the sarasota, venice or englewood florida area?


Xanax and Hydrocodone is a popular combination for those who have chemical dependency. Xanax is needed to treat the constant state of anxiety-producing withdrawls caused by daily use of hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is used to treat the daily rebound headaches (rebound means that the absence of the chemical will cause a headache). I have seen this roller-coaster ride before and say that Suboxone is a good way to get off. Once a chemically dependent person is on Suboxone, the anxiety and headaches magically go away.

Maybe you need to listen to your doctor, instead of shopping for a push-over who will give you what you want which may not be the best for you. If you really want to see another doctor, you should see a headache specialist.

Give your body a chance to live without chemicals.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD