I Used Baking Soda In Water Solution And H202 To Treat My Bcc


Asked by JCM

I Used Baking Soda In Water Solution And H202 To Treat My Bcc

I treated my bcc on my nose with a baking soda/ h202 combo and after a few months of daily mopping of the baking soda/water solution backed up with h202, the new skin has replaced the cancerous bcc with the white border. I basically created an environment that the bcc did not like and I did not like as it was a very painful endeavor. I would soak the bcc by laying a small paper towel clipping that conformed to my nose on my bcc and constantly kept it hydrated with the baking soda/water solution for about an hour. I would then mop the paper towel covering my nose with h202 with a Q tip. The ensuing pain made me want wash it all off but I let it work until the pain was gone. I have been mopping my whole face with the baking soda/ water solution to create an alkaline condition on my face. BCC is a sneaky little monster and mine was a sensitive zit like inflamation that errupted when I used h202 on it and then it was ON!!!! I dont have health insurance so I consulted the internet to attack this situation. I now have a divit in my nose where the bcc did battle with my internet remedy and I dont care as long as its gone. I will follow up with regular applications from now on so any bcc will reveal itself.


Hello JCM

I must say...that sounds very painful! I had not heard of this home based remedy but you are right...it is offered on the Internet if you look it up. I know you don't have insurance but I am concerned that your home remedy may not work in the long run. Are there any studies or research demonstrating the efficacy of such a treatment?

Here is the information we have about what is commonly done to treat basal cell carcinomas from our Doctor Berman. He speaks about some possible topical treatments: "More recently, topical creams have been used to treat superficial forms of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. 5-fluorouracil and imiquimod are two creams which have been shown to effectively clear superficial skin cancer when used daily for several months."

I strongly suggest that you do see a doctor and here is how. Here is a link to how to find a free clinic in your area.

Here is another free clinic finder from Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

In this economy I realize many of us are looking for solutions to our health care but please do check out the options I have listed.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me