Can A Vagina Be Too "Hot"?


Asked by goblin2

Can A Vagina Be Too "Hot"?

Can a vagina be too hot for some men to stay hard when having intercourse? Is there anything that can be done to cool the internal temperature, or is this symptomatic of a medical condition? This a completely new problem for me.


I must say I have never heard of this being an issue. Is someone telling you this?   I think this may be a man trying to blame his erectile dysfunction on you. I am sorry, this just does not sound very plausible to me. It might be good to discuss the erectile problems with him when you are not engaged in sex to see if he would like to talk about them. Or, if you would like to be sure it's not your problem before broaching the discussion, you could see your GYN and ask him or her for an examination and for advice on how to talk about this issue with your partner. You might also urge him to see his physician, as well.

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