Vaginal Bleeding 30 Years After Hysterectomy


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Vaginal Bleeding 30 Years After Hysterectomy

Once a week I have vaginal bleeding, but I had a complete hysterectomy. I have no ovaries either. Doc thought for sure it was from kidney stones, but CT scan said no. I have pain, right side starting to hurt, left as well. About where kidneys would be plus pain by my pelvix bone. She did a look around and said it was definitely coming from my vaginal area.

I had the hysterectomy 27 years ago because I had cervical cancer. I was told then if I didn't have surgery, I would be dead in a year.

I also have autoimmune disease, but the doctors are arguing over lupus or scleroderma. I personelly don't care, I just want it controlled.

Oh a week ago I had to pee and it was like an old rusty pipe color, which for me is very odd. It's usually clear as can be. Then when I was having the pain and went to the doctor, they tried to get a urine sample. I'm not good at peeing on command, but I noticed that my underpants had blood on them and my hand did as well from holding it trying to catch a sample for them. So it's happened twice in a week, not every day. But still I don't think it should happpen at all. Can you help me?




I am confused also without having a clear understanding of your history and exam. So, the doctors that you can see will be more helpful than me.

You might want to see a Urologist or OB/GYN who can inspect some of that "plumbing" for you. It is possible that you have an rectocele or urethrocele (intestines or pee-tube falling into the vagina). A thorough pelvic examination would be helpful.

Hopefully the confusion will clear-up with more specialists involved.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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