Is Vaginal Itching A Symptom Of Herpes?


Asked by sexpanther

Is Vaginal Itching A Symptom Of Herpes?

Are vaginal itching and internal bumps in the vagina symptoms of herpes? I've just started having these symptoms. the itchiness be a sign of herpes?


From what you describe it sounds to me like you have a bad yeast infection.  Herpes blisters can be on the inside of the vagina, but they're usually on the outside and in a localized spot.  Herpes causes itchiness, but just in one area.  However, there is no way for me, or anyone, to diagnose you online. You should go see a doctor who will probably be able to take one look and immediately tell you what you have.  The sooner you go, the better.  It will be very easy to get a diagnosis and treatment, if you go while you still have symptoms.

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Answered by Penelope James