Is Vamlo5 Is Good For Highblood Pressure?


Asked by flgade

Is Vamlo5 Is Good For Highblood Pressure?

I'm 49 and last week my bp is 180-109 and I take Vamlo 5 and for now my bp is 140-98. Do I carry on taking the Vamlo 5? Apart from Vamlo 5 i'm also taking Ranbaxy Simvastatin usp 40mg for my cholestrol as it is 5.16 mmoI/L.


Hi Flgade,

Vamlo 5 mg is also known as Norvasc or Amlodipine besylate. This medication is a calcium channel blocker and prescribed to treat high blood pressure and sometimes angina (chest pain). I recommend discussing with your physician to determine if you need to continue or discontinue the medication.

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