Can I Take A Vicodin Even Tho I Might Have An Ulcer?


Asked by .kelso.

Can I Take A Vicodin Even Tho I Might Have An Ulcer?

i have been waiting to see my doctor for about a week now, and i think i have an ulcer,

in the mean time ive changed my diet to prevent irritation to my stomach. This moring i woke up and stated my period, i have always had really bad cramps the frist day of menstration, i usually take a vicodin when this occurs, can i take one if i might have an ulcer?


Vicodin contains acetaminophen not aspirin. Aspirin is very hard on your stomach and is the last thing you'd ever want to take if you have an ulcer. Acetaminophen,on the other hand, which has been in the news lately for it's side effects, is hard on the liver - not the stomach.

Vicodin can cause stomach pain, though, and if you have several stomach conditions such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or inflammatory bowel disease your doctor should aware of that before he/she prescribes you vicodin. Since you have stomach problems of an uncertain origin you might want to stay off the vicodin until you know what's going on.