Video: Migraines and Sleep

Patient Expert

Has the doctor you see for your Migraines or headaches ever asked you about your sleep? No? Hmmmmmmmm...

Good sleep patterns and good quality sleep are essential to our health and quality of life. What's more, sleep issues can be Migraine triggers. Too little sleep, too much sleep, disrupted sleep, poor quality sleep they're all potential Migraine triggers. Waking up with Migraines is often an indicator that those Migraines are triggered by sleep issues.

Research has established a definite connection between transformed Migraine and sleep. (See _Transformed Migraine Related to Sleep Problems _ for more information.)

In this video, Dr. John Claude Krusz (Ask the Clinician) discusses sleep and Migraines / headaches:

How is YOUR sleep? If there's any question at all, please discuss it with your doctor.

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