Vision Loss Expected to Skyrocket Worldwide


Research conducted at Anglia Ruskin University in Australia and published in Lancet Global Health suggests that the number of people living with blindness is expected to triple — from 36 million to 115 million — by 2050.

Although the percentage of the world's population with severe vision loss is declining, according to researchers, the global population is growing and people are living longer, accounting for the expected increase. An analysis of data from 188 countries indicates more than 200 million people are living with moderate to severe vision loss —a figure that’s expected to exceed 550 million by 2050. The highest rates of visual impairment and blindness are seen in South Asia, East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Even mild vision loss can affect quality of life, reducing independence and limiting opportunities for many. Improvements to eye and vision health care — providing vision-correcting glasses, glaucoma medications, and cataract surgery, for example — could change the trend.

Sourced from: BBC