Vitamin C injections may boost chemotherapy

Vitamin C injections may help increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy, a new study concludes.

Scientists at the University of Kansas injected vitamin C into human ovarian cancer cells in a lab, into mice and into patients with advanced ovarian cancer. The injections were administered in addition to standard chemotherapy drugs. The researchers found that the vitamin C helped kill ovarian cancer cells without harming normal cells. Some patients also reported having fewer side effects from chemotherapy after the vitamin C injections.

The study suggests that vitamin C could be used as an alternative low-cost cancer therapy, but evidence is still mixed, researchers said. Further studies, including large clinical trials, would be necessary in order to conclude whether intravenous vitamin C is safe and effective. However, because vitamins cannot be patented, it is unlikely that pharmaceutical companies will fund trials of vitamin C injections.

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Sourced from: BBC, Vitamin C 'gives chemotherapy a boost'