Can Vitamins And/or Supplements Cause Ed?


Asked by paterson44

Can Vitamins And/or Supplements Cause Ed?

once, when i was forty and stronger, a girlfriend gave me some vitamins that caused ED, temporarily. as i get into my sixties, i notice there is aspirin, calcium, vitamin d, vitamin c, and wonder if i am accelerating my own demise.


paterson44 - There is nothing in any of the literature that I have seen that warns against the use of multivitamins in connection with ED. If you have not had a full physical recently you should make an appt. to do so. There may be physical health issues that are contributing to the ED that can be remedied. There are also a number of medications that have been shown to be linked to ED. If you are taking any of those, they are more likely to be the cause of your problems than any vitamin supplement.

Rick Wirtz

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