54 And Waiting For Menopause


Asked by Melanie77

54 And Waiting For Menopause

I just turned 54 and am still experiencing monthly periods. For the past year my periods are very heavy with blood clots and lasting 4-6 days. I am one of the many without health insurance so going to the doctor is somewhat out of the question. My mother had a hysterectomy prior to her menopause so I have no idea when to expect mine to begin. I have no symptoms - night sweats, periods slacking off, etc.

Are there any suggestions as to what I might do to lessen the pain of cramps and the inconvenience of staying close to a bathroom the first few days? Sadly, I just wish I could have a hysterectomy and be done with it!


Hi, Melanie 77,

I know of some women who are continuing to have their periods well into their 50s. The change in your period flow may be an indicator that you're beginning to go through perimenopause. If I were in your shoes, I'd start keeping a calendar of when the periods start/stop and how long they go for so you'll be able to track any changes. Have you experienced any other symptoms - mood swings, racing heart, aching joints? Often, we will have really individualized responses as we undergo "the change." For instance, it wasn't until I stopped and thought about the crazy mood swings I was experiencing that I started realizing I was entering perimenopause. Some of the other symptoms - such as hot flashes - just haven't shown up for me.

I'd also suggest while you're without medical insurance that you be proactive by watching your diet (aim for a Mediterranean diet), exercising and maintaining a low stress level.

Take care and let us know what happens with you!


Answered by Dorian Martin