Why Do I Wake up with Bad-Smelling Saliva in my Mouth?


Asked by oluchi

I Wake Up Every Morning With Saliva In My Mouth, It Smells Very Bad And I Can't Swallow It,i Have To Spit It Out First Before Talking, I Have Had This For Over 10 Years, I Am 22 Now.

I wake up every morning with a bad-smelling saliva in my mouth. I can't even really swallow it--I spit it out. This has been going on for some time. Is this a symptom of acid reflux?


This can be a symptom of reflux, yes. Many people with reflux wake up with morning reflux breath/saliva. You may want to consider some of the preventive things such as eating smaller meals or not eating just before bed. You should also consider seeing a doctor about this since it's been going on for so long. You didn't mention if you were on any medications, but even an OTC reflux medication may help ease this annoying symptom.

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