Wake Up! Too Much Sleep Could Harm Your Heart


While the adverse health effects of lack of sleep are well documented, a study published in the European Heart Journal suggests that too much sleep may raise your risk for cardiovascular disease and death, confirming earlier research.

This study, which was conducted by an international team of researchers, involved about 116,000 people ages 35 to 70 in 21 different countries. During the eight-year study period, 4,381 study participants died and 4,365 experienced major cardiovascular events, such as non-fatal heart attacks or strokes.

According to the researchers, people who averaged more than eight hours of sleep each night had a higher risk of dying or developing cardiovascular disease than those who slept an average of six to eight hours a night. This increased risk was 5 percent higher in those who slept eight to nine hours on average, 17 percent higher in those sleeping nine to 10 hours a night, and 41 percent higher in those who averaged more than 10 hours of sleep per night.

Sourced from: European Society of Cardiology