Waking With Headaches?


Asked by Barb

Waking With Headaches?

I get a headache on the left side almost every morning right after I wake up. Sometimes it goes away in a few hours, sometimes not for 12 hours.



Waking with or getting a headache or Migraine shortly after waking often indicates that it was triggered by a sleep issue - too much sleep, too little sleep, disrupted sleep, an irregular sleep schedule, or otherwise disrupted sleep. Check out this video, Migraines, Headaches and Sleep.

Have you previously been diagnosed with migraines or another headache disorder? Do you have symptoms other than the headache? If these are migraines, there will be additional symptoms. For more information about migraine symptosm, see Anatomy of a Migraine.

An accurate diagnosis is the starting point, so you need to see your doctor for diagnosis and help in preventing these headaches and treating them if necessary.

Please keep me posted on how you're doing and what your doctor has to say?


Answered by Teri Robert