Walking reduces stroke risk among women

It should not come as a surprise that walking can help prevent stroke in women, as was found by the Murcia Regional Health Authority in Spain.  However, what may seem surprising is that walking provided greater benefits than high-intensity cardio training and did not produce similar results in men.

The study was conducted over a four year period involving 33,000 people, aged 29 to 69.  Women who walked at least 210 minutes per week – three and a half hours total – were 43 percent less likely to develop a stroke compared to those who did not do any physical activity.

The results, though, were not reflected in men, as it was speculated that the men who entered the study were, on average, in better shape.  This is not to say men should not exercise for stroke prevention, as previous research indicates that men who do moderate exercise are less likely to develop a stroke.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Walking Reduces Stroke Risk Among Women