I Want To Die But Don't Want To Hurt Them


Asked by hbrown1986

I Want To Die But Don't Want To Hurt Them

i have been thinking about killing myself for awhile and i think im ready now though im not sure how to do it, but i dont want my family to know i want them to simply think it was an accident. How do i say goodbye to them without them knowing and if anyone were to ever figure it out that it was my choice and not their fault.


Hi there

Listen...here is what I would like you to do. I would like you to reach out to one of your friends or family members and tell them what you are thinking. There is a way to get help and stop feeling so much pain. If you end yourself the pain will continue in each and every person you will leave behind. I don't think you want that sort of legacy. Your loved ones will never get over it.

If you feel you cannot talk to your loved ones I want you to call one of these hotline numbers:

National Suicide Hopeline
Phone: 800.784.2433

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Phone: 800.273.8255

I truly do not believe you are writing here for us to assist you in how to kill yourself. I think you do want help and are realizing that harming yourself will only bring great pain to the ones you love.

Please get some help right now. I also want you to write back to us and let us know that you are okay.

I expect to hear back from you.

Answered by Merely Me