Want Less Stress? Start Your Day With a Bike Ride


If you drive to work or take public transportation, you may be at a disadvantage compared to your bike-commuting coworkers.

In a small study, researchers at Concordia University in Montreal compared the effects of the three modes of commuting—bicycling, driving a car, and taking public transportation—on work performance and stress. They found that pedaling to work reduces stress levels at the start of the work day, which can have a significant effect on stress and work performance throughout the day.

Researchers arrived at their conclusion based on information collected via an internet survey of 123 employees at an information technology company. Each participant completed the survey within 45 minutes of arriving at work, answering questions about mood, perceived stress of commuting, and method of commuting. Not only can cycling lower your work stress level, it can also boost your health, save money, and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As concerns about traffic congestion and pollution continue to grow, alternative commuting methods like biking may be the answer.

Sourced from: Concordia University