Want to Regulate Your Vitamin D? Take Magnesium, Too


The benefits of vitamin D are well established — from healthy bones to a strong immune system — so it’s important to have optimal levels. One way to accomplish that? Magnesium.

According to a December 2018 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the mineral magnesium raises vitamin D levels in people who are deficient and lowers it in people with levels that are too high, which can also cause health problems.

The study took 250 people at risk of colorectal cancer and gave them customized doses of either magnesium or a placebo. According to researchers, up to 80 percent of people don’t meet the daily recommendation for magnesium intake.

The randomized study confirmed the results of a 2013 study that found a link between low vitamin D levels and low magnesium levels. These findings are especially important as they relate to current cancer research; according to the study’s author, the potential link between low vitamin D and colorectal cancer risk is a hotly debated topic. Magnesium’s role in vitamin D regulation could shine new light on this research.

To get more magnesium in your diet, incorporate foods like dark leafy greens, whole grains, beans, salmon, nuts, or avocados.

Sourced from: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition