Watch out for fake flu products

It’s been a nasty flu season, with this year’s strain so severe that some states declared a state of emergency to deal with the outbreak. So it’s probably not surprising that fraudulent flu treatments have popped up in the marketplace, so many in fact that the federal government has issued a formal warning to consumers to steer clear of them.

The FDA has sent out advisory telling people to beware of online and retail shops selling fake products. It warns of certain terms that tend to be used in bogus products, including items that claim to "boost natural immunity to the flu," "prevents from catching the flu," "speeds up recovery" and products marketed as an "effective, safe alternative to the flu vaccine."

Experts say there is no need to buy these products, as the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the disease. Though some products may not be outwardly harmful to your health, many are ineffective and are simply a waste of money.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Fraudulent Flu Products On The Rise