We are on the Front Page!

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Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you guys about some things going on at Health Central.   And I apologize for being behind in some features.   We will resume both the Member Medication Review and the Midweek Muse next week.   For those who don't know about our Member Medication Review we discuss a depression medication every Tuesday.   So if you have a medication you would like to discuss just let me know.

Okay first up I want to tell you that we (My Depression Connection) is on the front page of Health Central.   Take a look at the feature box where it says "The Connection Between Faith and Depression" and that is about us   For any of you who didn't get the chance to join in that discussion you can still chime in.   What is happening is faith bloggers over on The Washington Post will answer our questions about spirituality and depression.   So if   you have a question for the faith bloggers please go to the last link I have posted and ask away!

Do you or does someone you know have ADHD?   I would encourage you to come on over to our ADHD site!   I just wrote a post over there about hyperfocus.   And you don't have to have ADHD to have this.   Hyperfocus means that you are so intense in your interest of an activity or topic that you may become oblivious to everything else.   Some people might think that hyperfocus is a gift as in Einstein must have had hyperfocus to have such concentration on his theories.   But some people view hyperfocus as pathological as when someone is so focused let's say on the computer that they don't eat or sleep.   Not saying any of us have done that.

Anyways if you could come over and join in the discussion.     I would personally really appreciate that!

And if you want to read more about my family vacation to Walt Disney World please come on over to Friends of Quinn where I talk about Learning Disabilities and Road Trips.

I hope you all are hanging in there.   I want to thank you all for all your heartfelt shareposts, comments and questions.   It was really touching to come back from my vacation and see how you all were helping each other and making this site a welcome place for anyone who is suffering with depression.   The way we get through this is by leaning on each other.   So thank you for all that you do!