We Weigh More, But Don't Label Us 'Overweight'


As the obesity epidemic continues, a Gallup poll suggests we’re becoming more comfortable with being overweight. Nearly 40 percent of American adults are now obese, according to the CDC, but as average weights climb, concerns about weight fall.

We are less likely today than we were in 2007 to see ourselves as overweight, to want to lose weight, and to say we are seriously trying to lose weight. Over this same time span, the average adult weight increased three pounds and the perceived “ideal” weight increased four pounds.

According to Gallup's November Health and Healthcare survey, more American women (40 percent) are likely to describe themselves as overweight than men (35 percent). Overall, the percentage of Americans who say they are overweight fell from 41 percent in 2003-2007 to 38 percent in 2013-2017. In addition to gender, weight perception is also influenced by age, education, and income level.

Sourced from: Gallup News