"Weak spot" in brain tied to dementia

Researchers at Oxford University found specific sections of the brain that may be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. The study was published in PNAS.

A medical team performed MRI brain scans on 484 healthy participants between the ages of eight to 85. The team looked at the scans to better understand how the brain develops as humans age.

The common thread: The areas in the brain that were the last to develop during adolescence were the first areas to be affected by cognitive decline later in life. Those brain regions play a pivotal role in processing “high order” information from the senses, such as hearing and seeing.

Additionally, the team looked at brain scans of Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia patients and noticed the same regions were affected, suggesting a correlation between that physiological change and dementia.

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Sourced from: bbc.com, Brain's dementia weak spot identified