Wearable technology can aid rehabilitation

Taking a cue from running enthusiasts who like to monitor every movement of their legs with GPS watches, Italian researchers are developing a wearable device that allows doctors to remotely monitor their patients’ progress in physical therapy exercises.

The device is worn around the trunk of the body, similar to a vest, and is made of conductive elastomers printed onto the fabric.  These sensors are used to collect over 600 different movements at varying speeds that give the doctors a good sense of their patient’s range of motion, posture and flexibility throughout the day.  This information helps them better tailor in-person physical therapy time to meet the patient’s needs.

So far, the device can only pick up movements in the core of the body and is not made for high-precision monitoring.  But researchers say that it is an important step forward in developing portable, remote monitoring of rehabilitation.

Sourced from: Science Daily, Wearable Technology Can Monitor Rehabilitation