Is Wearing A Adult Diapers The Right Choice For Urinary Incontinence?


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Is Wearing A Adult Diapers The Right Choice For Urinary Incontinence?


Absorbent products (adult diapers) can help to manage incontinence, but they are not a treatment or a cure. Incontinence is never a normal function in the body (a lot of people believe the myth that incontinence is normal as they get older or after they have a baby, but in fact it is never normal). Incontinence happens when something isn't working right in the body, that's why it's so important to see a health care professional who can properly diagnosis what's happening.

After you've been diagnosed and figured out with your doctor what is causing your incontinence, you can look at a variety of different treatment options, including medication, surgery, physical therapy, exercises, and newer treatments like injections into the bladder or sphincter.

Because absorbent products can be bulky, costly, time-consuming, and - for many people - embarrassing, you may want to try treating your incontinence through one of the above-mentioned methods. In some cases, there may not be a treatment option available, you might not be eligible due to other health problems, or you might not desire to undergo treatment for personal reasons. In these situations, after you've discussed your options with your doctor, you might choose to use absorbent products in the long-run as your way of managing incontinence. You also might still have some leakage after a treatment, and you might use products to help manage that.

There is nothing wrong with wearing absorbent products to manage a medical condition like incontinence, and hopefully you won't feel shameful or embarrassed about this choice. The important thing is to be well-informed, and work closely with a medical professional who is knowledgeable about incontinence and interested in treating it.

Answered by Jasmine Schmidt