Weekends Go by Too Fast? Try New Things


It's Monday morning...where did the weekend go? If this is your lament as you head back to work each week, there's something you can do about it. According to neuroscientist David Eagleman, a professor at Stanford University and author of The Brain: The Story of You, the trick to prolonging your days off is to try new activities and/or a new setting.

Time spent doing something unfamiliar seems to last longer because your brain is focused on gathering new information and creating new memories. Eagleman says that's the same reason time seems to go by more slowly when we're young and faster when we get older. Remember endless summer vacations when you were a kid? As we age, we’ve seen most of the patterns of daily life before.

But time really does fly when you're having fun (seemingly). Therefore, a weekend spent on a new adventure will only seem to have lasted longer in hindsight—at the time, it will fly by much faster than a weekend spent on your couch binge watching your favorite television shows.

Sourced from: CNN