20 Weeks Pregnant And Red Painful Lumps All Over Legs.


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20 Weeks Pregnant And Red Painful Lumps All Over Legs.

I am twenty weeks pregnant, and about two weeks ago I started noticing these red spots all over my legs. At first I thought they might be some sort of insect bite, but the spots did not itch, nor were they raised like a normal insect bite. The next day they started to increase in number and size, and started to hurt like bruises, but remained only my legs. Another day went by and the spots turned into swollen lumps that made it difficult to walk without pain. I went to the emergency room where they did blood tests, and a urine test. Everything came back clear, except for being slightly anemic, and the doctors thought that it might be caused from an antibiotic I was taking from a UTI I was getting over, or just one of those unexplained things that is caused from pregnancy. I was prescribed a steroid, and the next day the lumps were not as swollen, and they slowly began to decrease with time. Monday I took my last steroid, and later that night my boyfriend and I noticed that the spots were starting to come back. I made an appointment with my primary physician yesterday, and have still come up empty handed as to what the lumps on my legs are, or what they are from. My legs are starting to get very swollen again, especially in my knees, and the lumps are starting to grow in size and in numbers once again. They are very painful and make it very difficult to walk, or bend. I can't keep taking steroids because I'm pregnant. Can anyone please help me understand what is going on? I'm very worried for my health, and the health of my baby.


Hi there

I am so sorry this is happening. Have your doctors come to any conclusions about what is causing this rash?

Here is some information about skin rashes during pregnancy. If this continues you may want to seek a second opinion. It sounds like you are in great discomfort.

Let us know if you find out the cause of your rash.

Thank you for your question.

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